Dec 31, 2014

Flying Machine Disappear Afghan Cave joke

Caves: at the end of the show: the same actor plays POTUS Obama and Tora Bora caveman Osama ressurrecting in Jerusalem crucified to a missing flying machine.
What "8 US Soldiers Disappear removing 5000 yr old Flying Machine from Afghan Cave" is about, to whom is it served and what does it illustrate.

BIG BANG Illuminati jokes: Flying Machine, Disappear, Afghan Cave 
The joke rearranges these words:
"8 US Soldiers Disappear removing 5000 yr old Flying Machine from Afghan Cave: "
This joke illustrates "news" served only by the illuminati web of disinfo, or in other words, not by any print mass media or TV channels.
Served to an audience ranging from human cattle to naive children previously hammered with "alien visitors in UFOs" by "serious" TV channels such as National Geographic.
Note: National Geographic non-stop brainwashing children with extraterrestrials illustrates a real disappearance: the border between illuminati's "serious" and "alternative" media.

What this illuminati joke is about ...
was all already scripted as the "science fiction horror" film "The Objective" was released in 2008.
A script where bodies and flying machines vaporize, same as in the film's script (word is used twice in its wikipedia page).
The script was explained first by Last Prophet, March 15 2014.
The only difference between the transcript below and the original script: Illuminati Grand Master was forced to replace "2008 ticket" with "presidency":
"Biden is played by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, Obama by an ethnic indonesian with neither black nor white blood.
Forged birth certificate to conceal he's Kenyan is only one among an endless array of "crimes" that Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation will "confess".
Obama Biden alias Osama Bi(nla)den presidency comes to an end with a BIG BANG.
From 4 fake planes in 2001 to to 1 fake plane at Jerusalem.
Obama's very last video as Osama in or near an Afghanistan cave claims the "attack", as explained 2011 by Last Prophet.
What follows Obama Bin Laden's resurrection, crucified to a Boeing 777. ...

Why was the joke again released Dec 30, 2014:
For explanation see what was 
- launched Dec 28, 2014 as "crash of Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501" and Illuminati Grand Master was forced to abort three weeks later.
- relaunched May 18 2016, as "crash of Egyptair flight 804".

Videos - views as of Jun 4, 2016
Dec 30, 2014 -536,779 views
Jan 3, 2016 - served again as "breaking news", 911,322 views, 2,015 liked, 466 disliked
Aug 2015 - Example of a member of the illuminati web of disinfo propagating the story, 
The Objective is a 2008 science fiction horror film ... As they go further into the mountains, they begin to have strange encounters. 
The team returns fire, killing multiple gunmen, but when they check the bodies, they have disappeared. 
That night, the team spots headlights of a vehicle approaching. However, the two lights separate and then speedily fly into the sky and disappear. 
As the helicopter, still unseen, seems to be directly on top of them, the noise abruptly stops (something that shouldn't be physically possible). 
Meanwhile, the radio picks up what sounds like Persian or Arabic, but no one can understand it. 
Tensions further increase when the team encounters a bright light at night. 
... they're immediately vaporized. ... Abdul warns Keynes that they are dealing with a supernatural phenomenon that is beyond human conception and has deadly consequences; he then commits suicide by stepping off a cliff.
Keynes theorizes that this object originates from an ancient Indian mythology called 'Vimanas', a sort of UFO-related phenomenon that occurred when Alexander the Great rode through this area of land as he was conquering, and the bright lights and the ghostly gunmen are associated with 
Sadler, overwhelmed with fear, opens fire upon the seemingly invisible vimanas only to be vaporized.

March 15 2014 Transcript from the FULL BIG BANG script:
launched Dec 28, 2014 
relaunched May 18 2016
Reduction of illuminati web of disinfo
Final leg of Illumnnati end times: it' always harder to find any stories served only by the illuminati web of disinfo, as its border with mass media continues to be reduced to near zero.

Talk of caves: at the end of the show 
Prehistoric Cave Contains ...  FIRST REAL telescope and discovery headlines in decades

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