Jan 28, 2008

"Brainwash children and naive with UFOs" agenda: Measure how important it is with Larry King and Wikipedia

"The UFO cover-up by Mainstream Media" is now one of the subjects where the Web of Disinformation became totally useless, since as explained first  by Matt Marriott, the "serious" illuminati media now pushes that agenda to the utter limits.

The lengths to which "Larry King Live" & Co. will go to sell it or how quick the illuminati censorship will delete it from Wikipedia - two equivalent thermometers to measure how important the subject is to advance the illuminati agenda. (1)
Confirm how important the illuminati "brainwash naive with UFOs" agenda is: how quicklly did the illuminati censorship delete the truth? (2)

(1) "Larry King Live" 2008: repeating the old record the illuminati media has been playing for more than 60 years. Example from 2007:
Roswell UFO crash & alien autopsy: 60 years celebrated with Illuminati joke at Fox News Channel

(2) The text added to Wikipedia:
===Allegations of goverment propaganda to convince naive===
[[Matt Marriott]] in 1998-2007 published a series of articles claiming that the secret society controlling the political system in the US and the EU is responsible for keeping naive segments of the population interested in aliens. The strategy would be:
* the goverment releases material, e.g. faked photos, supposedely to be previously classified.
* the controlled mass media, in particular tabloids but also "serious" shows like Larry King Live, suggests a government cover-up of evidence and print hoaxed material as possible proof. There will be no broadcast of any documentary debunking all the hoaxes used to suggest sightings of aliens spacecraft, i.e. reminding the public that there is no verifiable UFO evidence whatsoever.
* iconic scientists, e.g. [[Stephen Hawking]], repeat how high is the probability of aliens visiting Earth.
* last and most important, since the main audience, children, is the most important target segment for anchoring the belief in UFO sightings: Hollywood and TV series relentlessly produce movies suggesting extraterrestrial contacts.

Deleted after how long?

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