Oct 13, 2004

Who is and Who is not Illuminati - Diverting from The Right Question

Who is and Who is not Illuminati - Question is "who is not?", not "who is?"!

To answer the question "who is not illuminati?", you need first of all to get this basic fact (1).

The reason why the CIA Web of Disinfo posts "X is an Illuminati / Free Mason!"(2), where X is replaced by anyone in a leading position in official Illuminatiland (3), is to mislead people, i.e. to suggest the opposite of that basic fact.
The question about anyone in a leading position is NOT "who is".
The question is "who is NOT".
In official Illuminatiland, the answer to that question reached the limits, i.e. NOBODY, as 1988 the BushClinton final leg begun.

Irony of End Times Reversal
As Vladimir Putin appeared 1999, to lead God's Angelic Warriors in the final battle of Armageddon, the last day of Illuminati Total Evil on Earth before the final descent into Hell, ironically the Web of Disinformation inverted the tactics of denial.
Now they will try to convince people that Vladimir Putin is also an illuminati, i.e. "give up, there is no hope".(4)

(1) Last non illuminati heads of government in US and EU former countries - revealed worldwide first
(2) Example from a forum managed by the CIA Web of Disinformation: Thread "Kofi Annan is a Freemason"
(3) Official Illuminatiland: NATO (US, EU, Canada) and countries which are officially allies of NATO (Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc).
Note that most muslim countries are in fact part of unofficial Illuminatiland. The ultimate example is Iran, which the Web of Disinformation sells as the #1 enemy. In fact were not for the illuminati agents in control of the Iranian government, the US Military would already be calling the choppers from the Baghdad rooftops, repeating April 1975 at Saigon, Vietnam.
(4) From the same example: immediately CIA psy-ops begin selling the second core lie, i.e. "Putin is a mason" lie.
Added 2007: Note that to sell that core lie, they will now go as far as to state the fact that the president of Iran (Mahmoud) is one of their agents, as the reply of CIA psy-ops ("Kofi, Jin Tao, Vladimir, George, Tony, Mahmoud - all Freemasons folks.") illustrates:

Added:VLADIMIR PUTIN killed  and replaced with an impostor: Illuminati greatest coup in Armageddon
Coup executed by illuminati agents, lead by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

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