May 31, 2006

The Web of Disinformation set up by the Illuminati, exposed worldwide first time, by Matt Marriott

1998: the moment where the truth becomes obvious to even the last idiot (ever heard of start of Tribulation?). "Coincidentally" (1) in the same time line as the web starting to reach the masses.

The reaction of the illuminati to the emergence of the Internet as mass media and to the moment where seeking the truth resumed to add 1 + 1 was the creation of a Web of Disinformation (sites) and the use of psy-ops (forums), planting all sort of false tracks to mislead people looking for the truth. The basic operational tactic is consequently to deny that 1+1 = 2. This implies it can be in exposed with the most simple of tests (2).

This Web of Disinformation includes some sites ( using the official story to "answer" what can be questioned only in the internet, i.e. the parts that touch the core lie.
This is essentially the "evolution theory is science" web, meant to divert people from the cover-ups used with the evolution theory hoaxes, the most important one.

But the bulk of the Web of Disinformation are sites that apparently contradict the official story.
These "debunkers" are organized into smaller specialized webs. The most important webs are of course meant to cover-up the illuminati core lies:

- "creationism is ..." to discredit the simple truth about Creation. Example:
- "illuminati are ..." - the simple truth about who are the illuminati, what's their agenda and their tactic. Example:
- "chess game is..." - the simple truth about the illuminati's end game, i.e. World War III, aka "One World Government", aka "New World Order". Example:
- "History really was ..." - the simple truth about how the illuminati wrote their official History. Example:
- "Jews are Evil" - the simple truth about the illuminati agenda "destruction of Israel". Example:
- "9/11 conspiracy is..." - the simple truth about how the illuminati engineered 9/11 using their media, the milestone for the last leg in the Illuminati's end game. Example: Alex Jones &

The "Jews are Evil" web - notes (3)
Note that the "Jews are Evil" web is intensely used to support diversion in other webs, mostly using the scapegoat tactic. For instance
- "chess game is..." web: an example is "US doing Israel's task in Iraq";
- "illuminati are ..." web: an example is to let the "Elders of Zion" author some of the truth about the illuminati tactis and goals;
-"9/11 conspiracy is..." web: this basically translates to "the Mossad did it" or "Bush was following Zionist orders";
- "History really was ...": examples go from "Jews killed Jesus" to "Holocaust is a lie used to create Israel".

"History really was ..." web - notes
Note that the "History really was ..." web of disinformation has been increasingly used to support the rewriting of some of the truth still left in their official History, i.e. revisionism.
In fact most of the "History really was ..." agenda was already officially transfered to the illuminati mass media. An example: how they have been selling the "Da Vinci Code" television "documentaries", preceeding the release of the film.
If the illuminati had the time, "Jesus had children", "the Holocaust never existed, it was used to create Israel", etc, would soon be part of their official History.

(1) To Believers: God allowed computers because ...
(2) End Times Reductionism - Illuminati Agents - exposed - basic test
(3) The "illuminati created and protect Israel" is one of the end times hoaxes. The real story:  the illuminati "Destruction of Israel" agenda, part of staging the anti-Bible's fake Armageddon - begin here:
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